Love wings? Of course you cluckin’ do.

And that’s why we started.

Like you, we understand a true wing fan has a preference for drums or flappers. We’re not here to cluck around with quesadillas and patty melts. Here you won’t find 38 sauces, because as wing slingers, we’re only willing to sauce and toss our chicken in perfection. Your wings will always show up hot and fresh. These recipes are tried, tested, and true from our Twin Peaks kitchens – a brand that knows its wings from its breasts.

From coop to crib, we deliver.
You ordered from the couch.
Why put pants on now?

We keep it real — real f!#*’n delicious.

We focus on one thing, and one thing only. And that’s wings and tenders that are good as cluck. We’re local to you, but this is not your dad’s wing spot, and mom is never going to wash your mouth out with soap. But if you need to rinse with an extra side of ranch, let us know and we’ll throw some in the bag.

Get Sauced.


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